T. Drew Williams, P.E., LEED AP

Mr. Drew Williams is a Mechanical Engineer with Star of Texas Engineering, P.L.L.C.. Mr. Williams has been the mechanical engineer of record for multiple new construction and renovation projects.

He has a wide range of experience designing office buildings, K-12 schools, medical office centers, laboratories, research facilities and housing experience.

Drew has designed a multitude of projects that include commercial high-rise office buildings, primary schools and universities, laboratories, and data centers. Types of air systems that Drew has designed include: fan wall systems, single-duct variable air volume systems with terminal hot water or electric resistance heating, dual-duct variable air volume systems, laboratory exhaust systems including general lab exhaust and bio-safety cabinets, variable volume and constant volume exhaust systems, commercial kitchen exhaust and make-up air systems, split-system DX and packaged DX rooftop systems. Drew’s experience in the design of hydronic systems include condenser, chilled and hot water heating systems utilizing air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, plate and frame heat exchangers, indoor and outdoor heating water boilers, and closed and open cell cooling towers. In addition, he has designed sensible and total energy recovery systems for providing 100% outside air to classrooms utilizing enthalpy wheels. Drew has experience in performing building load analysis; envelope, mechanical and lighting analysis for the State of Texas Energy Conservation Office utilizing the International Energy Conservation Code and ASHRAE 90.1 Codes. He is also very proficient utilizing Trane Trace 700 and performs all of the energy models within the firm. Several of his projects have obtained LEED Certified or better ratings.